Key Differences between Formal and Informal Essay Writing – Helpful Guide | 2021 Guide

Each essay has its own style and requirement. One cannot employ the rules applicable in formal writing to informal writing. Both formal and informal writings are pole apart.

Along same lines, formal essays offer a sharp contrast to the informal ones and vice versa. Informal and formal essay differ greatly in form, structure, content, subject, vocabulary, etc.

If you are one of the who cannot draw a distinction between formal and informal essay, then this blog is for you. For this blog contains all the information that one need to differentiate between formal and informal essay.

So let’s start with the informal one.

Informal Essay

Content First and Form Second. If what comes out of me is a cadence, I know I am writing poetry or poetic prose. If what comes out of me is strong emotions or strong musings or strong feelings, or strong humour, I know I am writing a personal essay.

Personal Essay Voice. The essay writing service of personal essays speak of themselves. The readers will see the word “I” or “We”, both first-person personal pronouns. The writers of topics they feel strong about, or topics they are musing about, or topics that entertain them.

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Always back to the communication triangle: Speaker, Speech/Writing, and Audience. If I am writing something for my friends, I write about something that interests them. If the audience is my teacher, I know him well enough to know what types of things that entertain him, so I can choose the topic and the tone more appropriately. If the audience is magazine readers, read what and how other essayist are writing. Get your ideas from there.

Informal writing would allow a person to tell an anecdotal story about him or herself or to tell a joke, while formal writing would not do either of those things. Informal writing sounds very much like conversation and uses a middle level vocabulary. 

There is no compulsion of active voice in informal writing. You can use passive voice in informal essay whenever you need.

A sentence, in an informal essay, can be concluded with a preposition.

Unlike formal essays, there are no set structure to be followed while writing an informal one.

While writing an informal essay, one can split infinitive; however, in formal writing, it something frowned upon.

Formal Essay

Writing a good formal essay comes down to a few different key points.




I have known many people to write extremely unorganized essays. I’ve left enough red marks all over them to prove people don’t know how to properly format. When you write, consider drafting an outline — and before you say it, you’re probably just like me: outlines are awful. Writing on the spot is often times more satisfying than an outline. As a hobbyist essay writer, let me tell you it doesn’t always work when formality is your aim.

Set up your outline as follows:


What is your starter? How can you get someone’s attention?

What is the point you want to convey?

What points are you covering to do so?


What is your first point? What information can you use to supply it?

What is your second point?

What is your third?


Present a short summary of what you’ve discussed.

Why is it important?

What can you say for this subject to be memorable?

Of course, this setup varies based on what you want to write about. If you can turn the points you want to convey into questions and then answer them in an essay format, you’ll knock this thing out faster than you might think (and it’ll be easier too). Additionally, one more friendly suggestion for you is to simply type write my essay on Google and select an online service with professional writers to get your assignment done. But, don’t risk your grades.

Also, a major thing to note. When you’re writing formal essays, please DON’T use contractions! Don’t is Do Not, Can’t is Can Not/Cannot, Won’t is Will Not. You probably know this already, but I cannot (whoops, see what I did there? haha!) express this enough. Check spellings yourself. Have someone check your grammar. Get a proof-reader or an editor. Trust me on this one. It’ll make your life easier.

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